I believe that God knew exactly what he intended when he put so much beauty in flowers. With millions of varieties and colors, and to think I will never see all of them, only a few that I have been fortunate enough to capture with a lens. I love that I have seen so many beautiful varieties of flowers, and I do often take the time to smell them.

Yes, the more I think about it, I think that God was showing off his skills when he gave us so many wonderful colorful, and sweet smelling flowers to behold.

Thank You!

Lotus Flower
Kauai 2011
Painted Zinnia
Denver 2015
Lighted Dahlia
California 2017
Pretty Peony
Keller Tx. 2017
Pink Peonies
Texas 2017
Poppy Field
Keller, Tx 2016
Poppy Love
Keller, Tx 2016
Red Poppy
Keller, Tx 2017
Varigated Tulips
Texas 2018
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