Have you found an old family photo that you would just love to have professionally restored?  Is that sunset picture from last year's Maui vacation not quite rich enough to hang on the wall?  Or maybe you are a busy professional photographer with little or no time to edit your images.  No matter what the need might be, we have you covered!  We offer professional-quality photo editing, retouching and restoration services, and we work with all file formats (RAW, JPG, TIFF, etc.).  Our services are as follows:

Basic Image Editing

$13 per image

Exposure Adjustment (darken/lighten)

Color Correction (White Balance)

Crop and/or Straighten

Basic Facial Editing - 

Brighten Eyes and Teeth

Red-Eye Removal

Remove Stray Hair

Skin Beautification

(blemish removal)

Advanced Editing,

Retouching, Restoration

$20 per image

Includes Basic Image Editing


Skin Retouching and Smoothing

Wrinkle Reduction

Body Smoothing

Eyeglass Glare Removal

Head/Eye Swap (Group Images)

Image Sharpening

Background Adjustment/Replacement

Image Composites

and more...