I admit it, I am in awe of our world. Its a beautiful place to live. I find the most amazing structures, houses, buildings, and Churches. I love to think about the history of the old buildings, and the construction process. Who came and went there over the years. Who lived there or near there. Who built it.

I think of that person the builder, that one that painted it, or nailed the nails to hold it together. l often wonder if they knew their building would be admired by someone, or so many.

Texas Capitol Building
Austin Texas 2017 Took this at night, with a long exposure.
Texas Capitol Building Closeup
Austin Texas 2017 I really didnt notice the statue at the bottom, until I opend the photo in post, it kinda startled me, and I know I need to stop being in such a hurry when I shoot.
Pink Lady Mansion
Eureka, California 2017 This lovely old Mansion was built in 1889 by a lumber baron, and gifted to his son for a wedding gift.
Dallas Sky
Small portion of Dallas skyline, taken 2016
St. Bernard Church
This Church was built in 1886, and its located in Eureka, California
Gingerbread House
Ferndale, Ca 2017
Portland Bridge
Portland Oregon 2016
Portland Bridge Black&White
Portland Oregon 2016
Wai'oli Hui'ia Church
Hanalei, Kauai Hawaii
Love this Church, it was built in 1912, and it so beautifully blends in to the surroundings.
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