Landscapes and Seascapes

Oh the places we've been.. 

When I was just a young girl with my first camera, I never realized I would be so fortunate to see so many beautiuful places in the world. I didnt know how much my love for photography would grow into what it is today. I love creating what my eyes see when I snap a photo. I love more than anything looking at the photo and remembering being there, and the feeling of everything. The smell, the sounds, and the adventure of capturing amazing memories.

Bluebonnet Field, Ennis Texas
Hula Botanical Gardens, Maui
Tree Black & White
Redwood Forest, California
Rainbow Eucalyptus
Oahu Sunrise
Boy on Beach Oahu, Hawaii
Redwood Forest
Avenue of the Giants
Path up from Beach, California
Sunset Trinidad, California
Beach Walk, Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii
Hookipa Beach, Maui
Lahaina, Maui Hawaii
Oahu, Hawaii
Hookipa Beach, Maui
Painted Desert Arizona
Monument Valley
Oahu, Hawaii
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Monument Valley
Newspaper Rock, Painted Desert , Arizona
Botanical Garden Denver
Antique Police Cruiser, Arizona
Ocean View, Trinidad, California
Arcadia Park, Maine
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