Lighthouses and Nautical

I'm not quite sure why I love photographing, and seeking out Lighthouses when we travel. Something about them being a beacon, or thinking of them lighting the way for lost sailers, and ships,  I suppose. They're so majestic, and the history that surrounds them is so magical.

Boats in a harbor, or boats just docked on the land. I always imagine the fishermen that spent time in these boats, whether its to make a living for his family or just because he enjoys being on the water. Either way I love to imagine the life the boat has had, and the people that navigate them.

Bar Harbor, Maine
Quoddy Head Light, Lubec Maine
Diamond Head Light
Oahu, Hawaii
Diamond Head
Portland Head Light
Cape Elizabeth Maine
Stonington Maine
Stonington, Maine
Stonington, Maine
Prospect Harbor Lighthouse
Prospect Harbor. Maine
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