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Thank You, Mullins Family!

Based on our experience with our own large extended family Sharon and I can tell you, it is not always the easiest thing in the world to get a large family together in the same place, particularly for a photo session. But in November 2017, Roy and Maxie Mullins accomplished the task, and we were incredibly blessed to be chosen to capture some images of the gathering.

We first met Roy and Maxie way back in 2011 when they formed a small group in our church (Hillside Community Church) and we were one of the first couples to join.

Since then we have gotten to know them well and we've shared a lot of ups and downs. Their family gathering was definitely one of the "ups"!

We all met up at Eagle Mountain Lake Park for the photo shoot. There were 23 members of the Mullins family in all, 10 adults and 13 kids of all ages. It was quite a task, posing everyone for the big group shot. Try getting 13 kids to look the same direction, at the same time, for more than 4 seconds! Especially when there's fun stuff to do like running around, jumping on old farm equipment, checking out the cool shacks at the park, etc. But they all cooperated and we got this shot of the whole family. (P.S. - special "shout out" to our nieces Madison and Hunter Bailey, who helped with lighting, props, pretty much anything else we needed. They were awesome!)

After that we moved to another section of the park for individual family shots. As a photographer this area of the park is so scenic, and offers so much variety. It really lends itself well when you have several groups to shoot and don't want the same background in every shot. We highly recommend it!

We hope you enjoy these images as much as we did creating them!

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